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NEW! #BlackGirlsLove ADVENTURE!

Hello friends! Just wanted to let you know I created a new campaign called #BlackGirlsLove to shine a light on African-American girls out there who bust stereotypes!

I got inspired after seeing the character Shuri from the Black Panther film! She's a smart, witty, and beautiful black girl who loves STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). And her hairstyles are pretty awesome too!

She reminded me of my character Logical Lana McNair from my book, LANA & THE WATER CARRIER! Lana is an unconventional STEM girl who loves astronomy and all sorts of other cool stuff! The book is aimed at 8-12yo readers.

Anyway, each video in this campaign will spotlight one special girl and what she loves.

Hope you like this first one. It features one of my readers, Z! She's an African-American STEM girl who also loves ADVENTURE!

If you know of a special African-American girl who'd like to be spotlighted, just let me know.

Email me at Or tag me on Instagram: @morganyoungbooks or @lana_mcnair. Or simply use the hashtag #BlackGirlsLove in social media and I'll find you and reach out to you!


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