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Astronomy Day Fun!

Wow! Can't believe it's been a month since my author reading at Fernbank Science Center on Astronomy Day!

Wanted to do something fresh and different...

So I put on a mini-play!

Brought in THREE AWESOME KIDS to cosplay Lana McNair, Ganymede the Water Carrier, and Maria the Brave.

Those are the three main characters in my book, Lana & the Water Carrier. The book is the first in a series featuring Lana McNair, a 13yo girl with a magic telescope that can transport her to the stories of the constellations.

Gave each kid props and a few lines to memorize...

Here's Lana testing out her magic telescope while a couple of audience members await the first reading.

...and they improvised their roles!

But I FORGOT that when it came to the swordfight scene (YES! THERE WAS A SWORDFIGHT SCENE!), they didn't have anyone to fight!

I picked up a sword and fought them myself! And soon enough a volunteer from the audience joined me in the action!

Yep! It was hilarious and TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

We also had a lot of musical chairs action happening as the audience often had to move around to make room for certain scenes. Like this cool scene where Lana meditates as Maria the Brave looks on:

The COOLEST SURPRISE, however, was: several children from the audience VOLUNTEERED to join the swordfight!