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Book Title:               LANA & THE WATER CARRIER

Author:                    Morgan Young (w/cover art by Davian Chester)

Publisher/ISBN:      FanGirl Digital LLCISBN: 978-0-692-79661-0

Retail price:            $9.99 (Discount available through Ingram.)

What's This Book About?

Lana & the Water Carrier is a middle grade novel about a smart, quirky 13-year-old African-American girl with a lot of hangups. She won't wear shoes, won't comb her hair, and obsesses over the color pink. She also has trouble controlling her temper, especially when she's hungry. And now her parents have gone off and vanished, leaving her stuck living with her uncle in Georgia!

One day, she receives a clue to her parents’ disappearance: a mysterious telescope. When aimed at the constellations at night, it acts as a portal to ancient mythological Greece. Before she can find her missing parents, she must use the telescope to help Ganymede the Water Carrier, a desperate prince trapped as a servant to the Gods at Mount Olympus. Danger lurks at every turn!

Why Will Readers Love It?

Tween boys and girls alike will enjoy this astronomical adventure centering on the mythological character associated with the Aquarius Constellation. They can test their own sleuthing skills as they try to match wits with Lana. It'll keep readers guessing right up until the very end!

Why Will Educators Love It?

Answers the Call for Diverse Books. The novel provides a rare action-adventure story for girls, particularly African-American girls. See Morgan's Op-Ed on this topic in the Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionIt also offers a glimpse into the life of a child with sensory and impulse control issues. Many readers will undoubtedly relate! 

Introduces STEM/Space Science/Astronomy Concepts. The novel explores the relationship between celestial constellations and the Greek mythological characters for which they are named. It explains basic astronomy terms and features famous astronomers like Galileo. 

Thematically strongThe novel explores themes such as loss, belonging, coping, duty, and acceptance. 

Order a Copy for Your Library or Classroom TODAY!

Book Title:          George MacDonald's The Light Princess Revisited

Author:                 Morgan Young

Publisher/ISBN:    FanGirl Digital LLCISBN: 978-173318661-2

Retail price:          $9.99 (Discount available through Ingram)


Meet Princess Skye! She's cursed with a weighty problem:  She’s light as air!

Her ‘condition’ seems to bother everyone else in the kingdom—except her. She floats above them all, laughing as if she hasn’t a care in the world. How will she ever come down to Earth?!

"The Light Princess" is a classic children's story, originally written by George MacDonald in 1864. It features a surprisingly daring princess—one who refuses to be rescued by a prince!


In "George MacDonald's The Light Princess Revisited," the original story is modified by children's author Morgan Young (who aptly names the princess "Skye") to suit modern sensibilities.

Recommended for Grades 2 through 5, this children's novel explores themes such as isolation, rebellion, and sacrifice. It also explores, directly and indirectly, the roles cast for boys versus girls in society.

Order a Copy for Your Library or Classroom TODAY!

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