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Her Parents Disappeared on a Trip to Italy...You'll Never Guess What Happened Next!

She'll never be the same again.

Lana McNair's parents must be dead. They took off for Italy over the summer--Rome to be exact--and she hasn't heard from them since. Not even one of their lame post cards.

Why would they leave their only kid behind like that?

Gotcha! YOU fell for the premise! Your KIDS will fall for the book!

Lana & the Water Carrier is the story of Lana McNair, a smart 13-year-old girl searching for her missing parents. She catches a break when she stumbles upon a clue to their disappearance. But it takes her on an adventure she'll never forget!

Send the kids on a reading adventure that will keep them guessing throughout! Even the narrator at the beginning is a mystery character, revealed only at the end.

Hope you liked my Thursday Fun prank! Get the book! Avoid the Summer Slide in reading!

Hat tip to the Wild Detectives and LitBait for the clever idea!

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