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New Year, New Blog!

Happy New Year!

There's nothing like the start of a new year to hit the blog reset button. At the end of last year, I spent some time talking with Lana's readers, teachers, librarians, and astronomy lovers about what they want to hear about. Here's what they told me:

1. Lana's Readers want:

--Latest updates on the Lana book series

--Book club suggestions

--Stargazing info (objects to look for in the night sky)

--Games, Puzzles, and DIY activities

--Stuff Lana likes (such as vegan food recipes and where to find the best flip flops)

--News about girls (and boys!) doing cool stuff

2. Teachers and Librarians/Media Specialists want:

--News about the Lana book series as it relates to state standards for education

--Info on planetariums and observatories near their schools

--News about innovations in STEM teaching and school technology

--Free astronomy resources

--Classroom discussion topics relating to astronomy

--Anything that helps them inspire kids to take an interest in astronomy

3. Astronomy lovers want:

--Stargazing info

--Astronomy news and events

--Space trivia to impress their friends with

--Advice on telescopes and other stargazing gear

--Deep Thinking Questions (DTQs?) to ponder about the Universe

--Astronomy photos that WOW them

You know what I told them? Done! Stay tuned!

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