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with Logical Lana McNair!

Geo-Lens: Introduction to Moons, Planets, Stars & Earth Science (GLIMPSES)

GLIMPSESTM provides FREE instructional materials for teachers using Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards to teach Astronomy, Space Science/Space Systems, and Earth Science/Earth Systems.

Our current materials are designed for use in conjunction with reading LANA & THE WATER, the middle-grade novel featuring Logical Lana McNair and her magic telescope. Recommended for children in Grades 4 through 7, the novel introduces space science and astronomy concepts as it explores the relationship between celestial constellations and the Greek mythological characters for which they are named. It can also be read aloud to children in Grades 2 and 3.

Logical Lana McNair appears throughout our materials to zero in on important topics with her telescope's Geo-LensTM. She offers cool science facts in an entertaining manner!

Click the blue bar to GET FREE DOWNLOAD of GLIMPSES lesson plans, discussion guides, science project ideas, quizzes, and other resources that correspond to state standards across various grade levels:


For Teachers & Library Media Specialists


If you would like a copy of LANA & THE WATER for your classroom or library, you can order it HERE via or anywhere books are sold. For a bulk-order discount or help with donor funding requests for your organization or school, please send an email to

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