Hello Readers!

Logical Lana's
Readers Club Questions

1. What words would you use to describe Lana? 

2. In what ways do Lana and Ganymede the Water Carrier behave the same?

3. How are Lana and Ganymede different?

4. Are you or is someone you know similar to Lana? How?

5. Compare how Lana handles stress to how you handle stress?

6. Which character is your favorite? Why?

7. What is the funniest part of the book?

8. What is the scariest part of the book?


9. What is the hardest part of the book to understand?


10. Is Lana dreaming?

11. Do the Greek Gods or any characters have magic?

12.  What do you predict will happen in the next book of the series?

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Stargazing Fun!

<<Bradley Observatory @ Agnes Scott University 

Can you spot the Aquarius Constellation symbol?

VISIT AN OBSERVATORY NEAR YOU: http://www.go-astronomy.com/observatories.htm

HOW TO FIND THE AQUARIUS CONSTELLATION:  http://earthsky.org/constellations/aquarius-heres-your-constellation

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